What People Say About Us

"Thank you for your support for my sister over these past 8 years. You have met L's needs on all areas and levels. You always are looking out for her needs and adapting her care accordingly. You supported her in her hardest moment when our mother passed away; you were all sensitive and sincere in your support to her.

The communication you give is top quality. We are always aware of what L is getting up to and future events. I love our Skype sessions; it is a very good source of communication for me to share with L. It is hard for me always to visit; you, as an organisation, make it possible by being flexible.
L has always been a big part of my life; it was a hard decision for my family to place L in a residential home. I knew with the welcoming staff and home and activities that were on offer this was the right home. Over the past 8 years you have continued to be organic and evolved in the right direction for the people you support. L continues to be a very happy and content young lady."
Brother of Bramshaw House service user.

"My son has resided at Marlow for four years now. I have to say that the four years have been very happy ones for him. He has enjoyed an independence within the home, which has helped build his confidence as well as his abilities. My son is extremely well looked after and cared for by all the staff
He is given the opportunity to enjoy many activities including horse-riding and swimming. The home itself often has celebration occasions.

As a parent naturally there are moments when I feel that something could have been carried out in a different way. If I feel this way, there is always someone to discuss the issues with, whether it is a member of the care team or the home manager. If the issue cannot be resolved then there is always the option to discuss it with the home owner. I have to say that I personally have never had to do this in the time my son has been residing at the home.
Overall the home provides for my son a caring and safe environment for him to live in. At the same time it embraces the warmth and security that any home should have but equally providing a sense of fun and enjoyment."
Parent of Marlow service user.

"My son, aged 26, has complex physical and learning difficulties and shows autistic features in his behaviour. He has always presented with very unpredictable and challenging behaviours.
We were given the option of choosing either a small four bed unit or a larger one. We chose the small one and care was taken in choosing the other residents so as to help my son stay calm.

Over the past three years my son has blossomed into a calmer and happier young man. He really likes the staff who have become very attuned to his mood swings and anxieties and seem confident with him. He has a programme of activities that have been set up for him. Staff are positive and welcome suggestions from me for activities. I always feel welcome. Also my son is brought home to me when requested so that I can continue to give him experiences of home. I can't thank the Blake staff enough for what they do. I don't need to worry about my son at present"
Parent of Blake service user.

"We are so pleased with E's placement, and the team of carers are providing an excellent service."
Parent of Lulworth service user.

"My son lived with my husband and myself at home for forty years. We tried a few respite options but none were satisfactory due to his very difficult and complex medical condition. With both of us reaching retirement age we knew we had to find a home that could cope with him. Our first and second attempts had been disastrous.

And so it was with a good deal of knowledge of the type of care we did not want that we came to look at Marlow. We had a formidable list of necessary requirements, which 99% of care homes would not have entertained. However, after a lot of checking with various professionals he moved in.
It would be wrong to say that all went well from the beginning, but most things did and the rest we, that is the care staff, managers, my husband and I, sorted. At previous care homes we had bad experiences when pointing out that some aspect of his care was not satisfactory. At Marlow the few complaints I have had were dealt with discreetly and efficiently; their only concern was the well-being of my son.

I could say what a clean, well appointed and run home it is and how wonderful the staff are, but that is not necessary. My son would not be there if it was not. I can say however that when I leave him after a visit, he gives me a hug and waves goodbye, without getting upset. He is happy, settled and respected at Marlow."
Parent of Marlow service user.

Before my sister moved to Lulworth I was somewhat pessimistic about other people’s abilities to care for her. K had previously been placed in a home that she was not happy with and I had to witness a dramatic deterioration in her health and behaviour before she was finally moved.
My sister has communication difficulties and she is unable to tell us if she is being treated poorly so I was extremely nervous about her move. However, the staff have been absolutely fantastic and I could not rate them more highly. I know that my sister is happy in her new home; her health has improved and she has put on a substantial amount of weight (something that she has always struggled to do). Whats more, if I take her out for the day she gets incredibly excited when she returns and likes to go around and greet her housemates and the staff.

K has developed special bonds with the staff and has no problems communicating with them; this has allowed her to reach new milestones. I completely trust the staff at Lulworth and have no doubt
in their ability to care for K. I will never be able to describe how thankful I am to them for giving my sister the life I have always wanted her to have.   
Sister of Lulworth service user.

"My brother P was in care since the age of 4. He transferred to Marlow Flats in September 2009 at the age of nearly 54. The care and attention that he has received is excellent and far outweighs anything where he stayed previously. When we visit he always appears happy and it is the perfect environment for him. We pay tribute to all his carers and appreciate what a difficult job they do."
Brother of Marlow Flats service user.

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