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Progress Housing provides personalised residential care for adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and associated complex needs.

Progress Housing is registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide residential care at 3 homes located in the seaside town of Worthing, West Sussex. We have operated in Worthing since 2004 and have built an excellent reputation with service users' families, Social Services teams and external professionals.

Progress Housing is committed to the personal development of service users as individuals, offering each person the freedom and support necessary to achieve their potential.

All Progress Housing residential care homes are fully equipped to meet the needs of people with learning and physical disabilities. All the homes are fully wheelchair accessible and have passenger lifts, lowered food preparation areas, lowered light switches, accessible nurse call services, overhead hoists, en-suite facilities in every bedroom, wet floor showers, accessible gardens and vehicles adapted to accommodate wheelchair users. All the homes are in residential areas and are within easy, level access walking distance of Worthing town centre and seafront.

Situated at 13, Shakespeare Road, Worthing, Bramshaw House is a converted building. It was refurbished by Progress Housing and opened in 2004. Bramshaw House provides residential care to 10 people with learning and physical disabilites. It has accommodation on 2 levels.

The most recent CQC Inspection Report for Bramshaw House said:

A relative told us that the home was 'brilliant', that the staff were 'really great' and they felt '(name) was safe'. A social worker told us that 'the service maintains a very high standard'.

A social worker told us that 'I believe the service is highly effective, their care is very professional and proficient and has been incredibly effective in improving the life of a resident I supported there'.

The overall impression was of a warm, friendly, safe and lively environment where people were happy.

The home had a positive culture that was person-centred, open, inclusive and empowering.

Please see our Bramshaw House CQC Report dated 03.06.16.


Situated at 4 Nursery Lane, Worthing, Lulworth is purpose-built and opened in 2007. The home provides residential care to 11 people with learning and physical disabilities. It has accommodation on 2 levels.

This bungalow, home to 5 people who have learning and physical disabilities, is an annexe of Lulworth. Blake opened in 2008.

The most recent CQC Inspection Report for Lulworth and Blake said:

Positive, caring relationships had been developed between people and staff. Staff smiled with people and looked approachable; their interactions were warm and personal..... One person told us, "They (staff) are very nice, helpful and polite".

People liked living at Lulworth and Blake and told us it was a well-led home. One person said, "It's my home, it's like a family here". Another person told us, "I like it because it's a normal house, I'm very happy".

Another visitor said, "The way people interact is marvellous".

Another staff member told us, "We are a great team. I like the way it's run...., we are all involved".

Both managers were passionate about the care and support they provided to people.

One person told us, "They're excellent at their job, wonderful".

Please see our Lulworth CQC Report dated 12.07.16

Situated at 8 Nursery Lane, Marlow is also purpose-built. The  home opened in 2008 and provides residential care to 11 people who have learning and physical disabilities. The accommodation is all on ground floor level.

Part of Marlow, these 2 self-contained flats also opened in 2008.  Each flat is home to 2 people. The Flats provide support for people whose behaviours may challenge.

The most recent CQC Inspection Report for Marlow and Marlow Flats said:

Staff felt well supported and worked as a team to meet people's needs. Staff knew people well and had the knowledge and skills they needed to deliver people's care effectively.

Staff communicated in a way that was appropriate to them. Staff put the needs of the residents first.
People's needs were met in a responsive way.

One relative commented on the standard of care and stated "Could not be better" and another relative said "Gives me peace of mind knowing......is so well looked after"

There was an inclusive atmosphere at Marlow. The culture of the service was one of inclusion and a personalised, person-centred approach was evident.

Please see our Marlow CQC Report dated 11.06.15

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